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AACT, in collaboration with MMTI, is providing open access to three clinical toxicology online modules for medical and pharmacy students, medical residents or other front-line clinicians during the pandemic.  These modules review in depth management of acetaminophen, salicylates and toxic alcohols. 


Drawing on the expertise of toxicologists and educators, this three-module online course provides a practical approach to managing patients poisoned with commonly used substances: salicylates, acetaminophen and toxic alcohols.

Each Module Includes:

  • Substance Introduction – Pathophysiology and Clinical Toxicity

  • Risk Assessment

  • Treatment

  • Alternate Scenarios

  • Case studies

  • Self-evaluations

  • References

Register and take the Clinical Toxicology Fundamentals for Front-Line Practitioners complete three-module course.

Course Features

  • Flexibility - access the modules from anywhere and study at any time

  • Animated didactic videos, interactive slides, and simulated case scenarios will prepare you to rapidly diagnose and appropriately manage poisonings

Pricing & Registration

AACT Members receive a 50% discount on these modules. AACT Members can purchase access here and non-members can purchase here.


Sophie Gosselin, Robert Hoffman, Marc Ghannoum

Guest Speakers

Knut Eric Hovda, Barry Rumack, Mark Yarema

Modules Content Reviewers

Rana Biary, Kirk Cumpston, Frédéric Dankoff, Alexandre Larocque, Luc Londei-Leduc, Jeanna Marraffa, Christine Stork and Eric Villeneuve

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